Please see these FAQ first before contacting us about your order at shop@templeofultha.com.


I haven't received my order yet.

We try to ship out every order within two weeks after we've received your payment (we're sorry we can't do this any faster, but we're running the shop besides everything else concerning the band, plus our "regular" lives). And depending on where you live, the shipping might take several weeks, too.


Experience shows that shippings within Germany take up to one week, the EU about three weeks, to the US four to five, and almost everywhere else about six to eight or in some cases even longer (South American countries for example).


That being said, we've shipped stuff to almost every corner of the world and literally everything arrived savely sooner or later (at least we didn't hear otherwise from any of our customers).


So if you're waiting for your order, check if you're still within the mentioned time frame. If not, feel free to contact us at templeofultha@gmail.com


I ordered something but forgot one item - how can I add this to my order?

If this happens, the easiest way is to just place a second order and let us know that it belongs to the first one via the comment field AND an email to shop@templeofultha.com. We'll merge the orders and paypal you the superfluous shipping.


I've ordered a record but it arrived damaged.

We love vinyl, the postal services don't. If your record arrives damaged and therefore can't be played (or added to your record shelf) anymore, simply drop us a line at shop@templeofultha.com and we'll work something out.


I've ordered a shirt but it doesn't fit/is damaged/I just hate it.

Please check our Returns Policy, we can work something out.